Season 6, Episode 13: The Last Recruit recap

PREVIOUSLY ON LOST: Sun got shot. Des ran over Locke. Sayid brought Des to Smokey Locke. And Jack met Smokey Locke.


“Hello, Jack. I was hoping you’d come. I think we have some catching up to do.”

Jack prepares to go with him, but stops to talk to Hurley first. “Hurley, this was your idea. You alright with me talking with him alone?”

Hurley looks back at Smokey Locke and hands Jack a gun. “It’s all you, dude.”

“You look just like him.”

“Does it bother you?”

“No, what bothers me is I don’t have any idea what the hell you are.”

“Sure you do.”

“Why John Locke?”

“Because he was stupid enough to believe he was brought here for a reason. Because he pursued that belief until it got him killed. And because you were kind enough to bring his body back here in a nice wooden box.”

“He had to be dead before you could look like him.”

“That’s right.”

“Who else have you looked like?”

“Jack, what do you really want to ask me?”

“The third day we were here, I saw…I chased my father through the jungle, my dead father. Was that you?”

“Yes, that was me.”


Locke makes a funny face like he might be BSing about the whole thing. “You needed to find water. This may be hard for you to believe, Jack, but all I’ve ever been interested in is helping you.”

“To help me? To do what?”

“Leave. But because Jacob chose you, you were trapped on this island, before you even got here. Now Jacob’s dead. We don’t have to be trapped anymore. We can get on an airplane and fly away any time we want to.”

“If we can just fly away whenever we want, why are you still here?”

“Because it has to be all of us.”

Jack gives Smokey Locke a look that suggests he knows he’s being BSed.

Smokey Locke pauses. “What?”

“John Locke was the only one of us that ever believed in this place. He did everything he could to keep us from leaving this island–”

“John Locke was not a believer, Jack. He was a sucker.”

They face off for a few seconds. Jack is not going for the okeedoke. And Smokey Locke is losing his swagg. Classic scene!

Flash sideways to newly runned over Locke riding in the ambulance with Dr. Ben Linus. Ben doesn’t know Locke’s first name or who to contact. “Helen,” says Locke. Locke says he was supposed to marry her. Ben tells Mr. Locke he’ll still marry her because he’s going to┬ábe okay. “John,” he replies. “My name is John.”

They get to the hospital. And who else gets to the hospital at the same time? Sun and Jin, that’s who. Sun reacts in horror at the sight of Locke.

“No…No! It’s him! It’s him!” Whoa! So did island Sun do a switcheroo with flash sideways Sun, a la Desmond? Is there another reason she’d recoil in fear at the sight of Locke? Weirdly awesome.

On the island, Jack and Smokey Locke are interrupted by a pop-in from Claire. Smokey asks why she’s following them. “Because he’s my brother,” she says. Smokey gives a weird smile and leaves them to have some quality hang time together. Jack begins to apologize for not telling Claire they’re related, but she cuts him off and asks if Smokey told him that he was pretending to be their father. Yup. Claire tells Jack that she’d pretty much given up, and that she’d never really had a family, so it means a lot that he’s coming with them. Jack’s like I dunno about that, sis. Claire’s like, “Yeah you is. You decided the moment you let him talk to you, just like the rest of us. So you know, whether you like it or not, you’re with us now.” Doubtful! Jack’s stubborn ways are going to come in handy, methinks.

Sawyer and Hurley catch up on the state of the union. Sawyer says they’re going to get Widmore’s sub. Hurley asks what Kate is doing. Sawyer says that she’s telling Sun about the plan. What about Sayid? Sayid’s gone over to the dark side. Hurley says you can always bring people back from the dark side, look at Anakin. “Who the hell’s Anakin?” says Sawyer. Awesome. Sawyer tells Hurley to keep his mouth shut. Claire shows up. Hurley tells her she looks great. Hahahaha. They hug.

Jack and Smokey Locke rejoin the group. Wait, it’s daytime now? Did they spend a romantic night together somewhere else? “It’s so nice to have everyone back together again.” YES!!!! Fact.

Flash sideways to Officer Jim Jimmy James Sawyerford offering an apple to newly arrested Kate at the police station. He reads her rap sheet and says she doesn’t strike him as the first-degree murdering kind. She says she’s not. Sawyer asks if she thinks its weird that they met in LAX on the elevator, and again when she hit his car, says it seems like someone’s trying to bring them together. She asks if he’s hitting on her. He says no, but his eyes say yes. Kate asks why he didn’t arrest her at LAX, considering he saw that she was in handcuffs. He says he just saw a pretty lady who needed the elevator door opened. She thinks it was because he didn’t want anyone to know about his trip to Australia. He pauses mid-bite.

“Should I tell that to the Feds when they get here?”

“Oh, I like you.”

Miles interrupts the fun. He’s got a live one. Miles gives Sawyer the rundown about the Keamy & Co. shooting, how there was a witness and his girlfriend got shot, but they don’t speak English. They go to the ATM surveillance tape and zoom in on an image of Sayid. “That’s our bad guy,” says Sawyer.

On the island, Kate & Jack sit on a log and catch up. She wants to know what Smokey Locke said. Jack explains how he wants to leave, but they all have to go together for it to work. Kate asks if Jack believes him. Jack doesn’t know yet.

Zoe shows up for a little tete-a-tete with the man in charge. Sawyer identifies her as Widmore’s #2. Smokey Locke asks what she wants. She’s all business. “You took something from us and we want it back.”

“I’m sorry,” says Smokey, “I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

Zoe gets on her radio and asks if they have a fix on her position. Roger that. “Show them what we’re capable of, radio homie.”

KABLOOOOEY. Some type of projectile blows up nearby. It’s actually not that gangsta. Nor does it compute how that would scare Smokey Locke. Is she intimating that she’ll kill the people he needs to get back on the plane? Hmm. She says she won’t miss next time. “Call me when you’re ready for us to pick him up,” she says, handing Smokey the radio.

Smokey Locke drops the radio on the ground and breaks it with his fancy new stick. “Well, here we go,” he says, all crazy Smokey like. Let’s go! L O S T

Flash sideways to Claire walking up to the security desk in a big office building. She has an appointment with an adoption agency. Right! Claire is giving Aaron up in this timeline! I keep forgetting. And who’s there but our man Desmond Hume. He recognizes her from the airport and introduces himself, then reads her name off the sign-in sheet. As they proceed to their respective appointments, Des intrudes in her life and suggests that she needs a lawyer before she meets with the adoption agency. Claire is offended by this intrusion, then declines, then says she has no money for a lawyer. Des is persistent, says he has a lawyer in this very building and can hook it up. Claire relents. They go to the lawyer’s office. And the lawyer is!

Ilana! How about them apples. And how about THESE apples: Ilana has been looking for Claire and needs to speak to her alone.

And how about THESE PARTICULAR APPLES: Des has a big-ass grin on his face as Claire walks off with Ilana.

Des knows a lot about flash-sideways world, doesn’t he? And them, my dear reader, is some apples.

Back on the island, Smokey Locke is gearing up for a big speech. He explains that plans have changed, people have forced their hand, now it’s time to get moving on the Hydra Island plan. Again, Smokey’s behavior seems increasingly desperate and vulnerable compared to earlier this season. So Smokey Stuff sends Sawyer for a boat that will take them all there.

Sawyer picks Kate “Freckles” Austen to ride along with him. He also pulls Jack aside to let him know what the drill is: he’s got a deal with Widmore, he’s not following Smokey Locke’s plan, instead he needs Jack to round up Sun, Kate, Hurley and Lapidus to meet him at a halfway point. Jack asks about Sayid and Claire. “Sayid’s a zombie and Claire’s nuts.” He says Claire lost her ticket when she tried to kill Kate. Jack agrees to the plan. Sawyer returns to Kate, who asks what they were talking about. “Guy talk,” says Sawyer.

Smokey Locke continues his hurry-up offense by pulling Sayid aside and sending him to kill Des. Sayid’s not super into it. “You still want what you asked me for, right?” says Smokey. Yup, says Sayid. “Then go do what I said,” says Desperate Smokey Locke.

Sayid goes to the well and finds Des, who’s as calm and cool as Locke is frenetic and frantic. “So what did he offer ya?” Sayid balks, but Des points out that if Sayid is going to shoot him in cold blood, he thinks he deserves to know what Sayid gets in return. Very interesting line of questioning. Sayid admits it’s a woman he loved. And where is she now? Dead, says Sayid. What makes you think Locke can bring her back? I died and he brought me back, says Sayid. “So what will you tell her when she asks what you did to be with her again?” asks Des.

And scene! We were all waiting for Sayid to fire into the well like he did in the preview, but you know how they do on Lost. What a tease.

Flash sideways to Sayid packing up his stuff at Nadia’s place. He tells her that he took care of things. She asks if he hurt someone. He says he’s got to go, and for good. There’s a knock at the door. It’s Miles. Sayid runs out the back. Whoops! He trips on a garden hose. Gaffled by Jimmy James Ford Sawyer! “Sayid Jarrah, you’re under arrest.” Sawyer should get a spinoff as a cop.

On the island, Sawyer brings Kate up to speed on the plan. He tells her about the crew that’s breaking off from the pack: “We’re gonna ditch Locke. You, me, Jack, Hurley, Sun and that pilot that looks like he stepped off the set of a Burt Reynolds movie.” HA!!!! That might be the line of the year. Kate asks about Claire, Sawyer says she can’t come. Kate says she promised. “That’s before she started drinking Locke’s Kool-Aid,” says Sawyer. There’s Kool-Aid? Sawyer points out that Claire is dangerous, and do you really want her crazy ass around Aaron? I believe that’s a rhetorical question.

As Smokey Locke and the gang get moving, Jack and Claire talk it out. Jack asks how long she’s been with Locke. Even since they left her, she says. Do you trust him? Yes, she says. Why? “Because he’s the only one who didn’t abandon me.” Lame.

Smokey Locke asks Sun if she’s seen Sayid. She doesn’t respond. He snips at her for giving him the silent treatment. She takes out her pad and writes: “You did this to me.” Smokey Locke says he didn’t. Interesting! Very, very interesting.

Suddenly–too suddenly, really, in the context of the pacing of the show–Jack gathers the crew that’s going to meet Sawyer, in plain view of Claire.

I understand why Claire needed to see this happening, but I don’t understand why Jack wouldn’t attempt a more covert escape, when Claire has a gun and you’ve got the murderous Smokey Locke to deal with. I guess now that Smokey has revealed that he needs everyone to escape, they are less afraid of dying? I don’t get it.

Smokey Desperate Locke goes back to check on Sayid himself. He wants to know what’s taking Sayid so long. “I killed an unarmed man. I needed a moment.” Locke asks Sayid if he really killed him. “Of course I did. You can go check if you’d like.” Smokey takes his word for it. Really? I would have checked. But Smokey is in a hurry to get on that boat. I guess those Zoexplosions had him shook after all.

Jack and the gang rendezvous with Sawyer at the boat. No sooner do they get there than CLICK-CLACK, it’s Claire.

Kate tells her to come along. Claire’s still down with Smokey Locke. Kate delivers a fairly convincing emotional appeal involving Aaron, and raising him, and how she shouldn’t have raised him, and how Claire can go back and raise him and all that. Kate also refuses to go if Claire doesn’t come along. Claire agrees to go along, but points out that when “he finds out we’re gone, he’s going to be mad.” No way! Thanks for the insight, Claire.

Flash sideways to Jack and son David walking into Oahu’s only office building. They’re en route to the reading of Christian’s will. And what do you know! They meet up with Ilana and Claire. Jack had seen Claire’s name in the will and asks how she knows his pops. “He was my father, too, she says. Jack delivers the standard “overwhelmed, speechless, passive-aggressive Jack” performance. His phone rings. It’s the service. There’s an emergency at the hospital. Jack apologizes to the room because he has to reschedule.

We rejoin Sawyer’s Boat Club on their way to Hydra Island. Frank asks Sawyer what the drill is. Sawyer says that they’re going to pal around with Widmore, put a gun to his face and get off the island on the sub. Frank likes it. Then he tells everyone that there’s some canned food down below if they’re hungry. Everyone goes down below to eat except for Jack, Sawyer and Kate.

Sawyer thanks Jack for following someone else’s plan for once. Funny you should say that! “Doesn’t feel right,” says Jack. What doesn’t feel right? “Leaving the island.” Jack disputes the plan and says it’s not the right time for them to leave the island. Sawyer is none too pleased. Jack says he has the same uneasy feeling as the first time he left the island, and he knows Sawyer does, too. Sawyer is not feeling that diagnosis at all. Jack says that maybe Smokey wants them to leave the island because he’s afraid of what will happen if they stay.

Sawyer’s had enough. He tells Jack to keep the crazy talk to himself or to get off the boat. Jack protests, but Sawyer thinks Jack doth protest too much. “Get off my damn boat,” says Sawyer.

“I’m sorry I got Juliet killed,” says Jack. And he jumps off the boat.

Kate’s like WTF? She says they have to go back. “We’re done going back, Kate,” says Sawyer. Awesome twist!

Flash sideways to Sun waking up in the hospital, and Jin rushing to her side. He explains that she got, but the baby is okay, and Sun’s going to be okay. That’s a relief. Pan to Jack and David walking by their room. They talk about Christian keeping Claire a secret. David asks if that’s where Jack gets it. Ha. Before Jack goes into surgery, David wishes him luck. It’s cute.

Jack goes into surgery and takes a look at the job ahead of him. It’s mad serious. Sacks are obliterated and what not. “I got this,” says Jack Jeezy. Cut to Jack standing over Locke’s body and preparing for surgery. He notices Locke’s face right before he gets started. “I think I know this guy,” he says. I think you do!

Back on the island, Jack and his backpack wash up by Smokey Locke and his crew. “Nice day for a swim,” says Smokey Locke. “Sawyer took my boat, didn’t he?” Yeah, says Jack.

Smokey Locke is none too pleased.

Over on Hydra Island, Sawyer and his crew are greeted by Zoe and a bunch of people with guns. She reports to Widmore that Ford just showed up with five of his friends. And who comes over the hill but Jin. And who sees him but Sun!

Reunited and it feels so hood!

Then Zoe puts a damper on things. She tells everyone to get on their knees, and her crew keeps their guns ready to fire. Sawyer says they had a deal. Zoe says the deal’s off. Then she delivers the command to fire at Locke.

Jack lands in a position that’s eerily similar to the beginning of the show. And Locke carries him off to safety.

“Jack, are you all right?”

Jack doesn’t respond.

“Don’t worry, it’s going to be okay. You’re with me now.”


Damn! What a way to leave us hanging for two weeks! That’s right, no Lost until May 4. Until then, whet your whistle with the trailer for Episode 14: The Candidate. And sound off in the comments!


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