Season 6, Episode 14: The Candidate recap

“Mr. Locke. Mr. Locke. Mr. Locke. Mr. Locke, can you hear me?”

“Welcome back.”

“I know you,” says Locke. Jack reminds him that they met after Oceanic Flight 815 landed, in the Lost Dads & Knives Department. Jack lets Locke know that he was run down by a car, and that he fixed up his back sac. He also wants to know about the original injury to his back, because he thinks Locke is a candidate…for a new procedure on his back that could help Locke walk. “No, thank you,” says Locke. Jack persists, but Helen arrives to break it up.

On the island, Jack wakes up in a boat and sees Sayid. “Welcome to Hydra Island,” says Sayid. “At least you didn’t have to paddle.” Seems like that visit with Desmond gave Sayid some of his personality back?

Over by the pylons, we join Sawyer, Kate and the rest of Smokey Locke’s reluctant followers. They’re being escorted to the old Hydra Island cages by Widmore’s Bang Bang Anywhere Gang of Ruffians. Sawyer does not like those cages. In fact, rather than go into them again, he takes the gun from “Doughboy” and turns the tables for a hot second.

Widmore shows up, pulls a gun and threatens to shoot Kate if Sawyer doesn’t drop it. Sawyer stands his ground, but Widmore lets him know that he has a list of names–“Ford, you’re on it, as are Reyes and the Kwons”–and Kate ain’t on it, so he doesn’t care if she lives or dies. Kate tells Sawyer not to cave. Sawyer caves. Widmore says it’s for their own good. He also tells his gang to get the fence ready because Smokey is coming.

Flash sideways to the hospital, where Dr. Jack is looking for a Dr. Nadler. And he finds him. And! it’s! Bernard.

Dr. Jack is looking for Locke’s file, which Nadler has because he performed some emergency dental surgery on Locke in the past. Bernard asks why Jack is interested. Jack relays that he was on a flight with Locke. “Oceanic Flight 815,” says Bernard. Jack is surprised. Bernard reminds Jack that he, too, was on the plane. In fact, he remembers coming back from the bathroom to find Jack flirting with Rose. Bernard seems eerily in on the flash sideways world, a la Charlie in Desmond’s storyline. “Good luck, Doc,” says Dr. Bernard Nadler. “I hope you find what you’re looking for.”

On the island, Jack asks Sayid what happened. Sayid tells Jack about the mortar attack by Widmore’s people and how Smokey Locke saved him. He also lets Jack know that everyone else is scattered in the jungle. Then Smokey Locke shows up, who’s hype as ever to get Jack and his people together to leave the island. They’re not my people and I’m not leaving the island, says Jack. I hope you change your mind, says Smokey, I need your help to get your friends on the plane with me. Nah, says Jack, why trust you. I could kill you and all of your friends, says Smokey, but I didn’t, so I’m pretty awesome, so help me out, bro bro. Jack looks thoroughly skeptical.

Elsewhere, Kate and Sawyer kick it in Cagetown. Kate’s powerful narcissism leads her to believe that Widmore never would have killed her. Sawyer disagrees. He relays the story of his trip to the cave with Smokey, and tells her about the names on the ceiling, how Kate’s was crossed out. Hot or not, you’re not that big of a deal to Widmore, says Sawyer. Man, Sawyer will believe anything.

Jin and Sun get their moment to catch up, talk about Ji Yeon, who’s with Sun’s mom. Jin explains that he saw Ji Yeon’s pictures on the digital camera. Sun tells him that she still has his ring. She puts it back on his finger. They have a moment.

But not so fast, lovebirds. Despite Widmore’s best efforts to get the pylons cranking and keep Smokey out of his way, the generator shuts down on Hydra Island and leaves Widmore’s gang open to a Smokey Smoke Attack. “And we’re dead,” says Hurley.

Doughboy sends someone to fix the generator, but you know that’s not happening. Smokey starts kicking ass this way and that, leaving Doughboy dead on the ground by the cage. He also knocks down a pylon. Take that, pylon!

Kate reaches through the bars and tries to get the key while Frank attempts to kick down the door, both to no avail. We see a hand reach down and grab the key to let them out. It’s Jack! How’d you get here, Jack? “I’m with him,” says Jack, gesturing to his new pal Smokes.

Now it’s light out, and Frank leads the gang to the Ajira plane. Jack says he’ll take them to the plane but won’t get on it. “I’m sorry, Kate. I’m not meant to go.” Sawyer mans up and thanks Jack for coming back to save them. Sayid shows up. Jack says it’s okay, Sayid turned off the generators. The more, the merrier, says Sawyer.

Jack goes to see Anthony Cooper and runs into Helen. She says Locke doesn’t want the surgery, but Jack persists. Why isn’t it enough that he saved Locke’s life? “Because it’s not,” says Jack. Helen relents and brings Jack in to see Anthony Cooper. She wheels him around to face Jack, and it appears that he’s pretty much catatonic. She wipes some schmutz off his face and introduces him as Locke’s father.

On the island, Smokey Locke shows up at the Ajira plane before the Losties. Widmore’s guards shoot at him, but their puny weapons have no effect. He shoots and kills them.

On the plane, he finds some weird wires and looks none too pleased.

Frank and the gang get to the plane. Frank’s ready to take the sucker up in the air. Then Smokey Locke steps out and crushes everyone’s hopes and dreams. He explains that the guards were just for show, that Widmore wanted them to get on the plane, or else he wouldn’t have moved the pylons. “He wants to get us all in the same place at the same time, a nice confined space we have no hope of getting out of, and then he wants to kill us.” With what? “Four bricks of C4,” says Locke.

He explains that the plane was wired to go kablooey, so they’ll need to take the sub. That was my plan all along, says Sawyer. So they all agree to head to the sub, and Claire apologizes to Locke for deserting him. Then Sawyer pulls Jack aside and tells him to push Locke in the water when they’re about to get on the sub. A Sawyer plan! It can’t fail!

Flash sideways to Locke’s hospital bed, where Jack stands over him. Locke, eyes still closed, makes a noise. “Mr. Locke, are you awake?”

“Push the button,” says Locke. Whoa!!!!!

“Mr. Locke, can you hear me?”

“I wish you hadn’t believed me,” mumbles Locke.

Jack looks perplexed. Aren’t we all!

Jack hears Claire outside the room. He goes out to see her. Before they talk, he grabs a snack–an Apollo Bar! Things are getting freaky, folks. Claire pulls out an ornate little box that Christian especially wanted her to have.

Jack has no idea what it is. Claire asks how Christian died, and Jack tells her about the drinking to death and the body and the losing of it. Claire relays that she just flew in from Sydney, and they realize it was the same flight. Jack opens the box, which is a music box, but doesn’t know what it is. Claire gets up to leave, but Jack offers to host her at his house. She says they’re strangers, but he says they’re family.

Now we’re with the Lost gang at the sub. Cue dramatic music! The sub is curiously unguarded. Sawyer lays out the plan. Lapidus, Hugo, Jin and Sun roll with him first. Sayid, Kate and Claire are to follow 30 seconds later, while Jack and Smokey Locke give cover and bring up the rear. The first part goes according to plan, as they take control of the curiously unprotected sub. What’s up with that?

As the rest of them run to the sub, Smokey Locke asks Jack to reconsider, but Jack won’t. “Whoever told you you needed to stay had no idea what they were talking about,” says Smokey Locke.

“John Locke told me I needed to stay,” says Jack. Then he pushes punk-ass Smokey Locke into the water.

Splash! Then Widmore’s gang finally shows up to fire at the Losties. And Kate gets shot! Jack returns fire and runs to help Kate.

Smokey Locke gets out of the water and takes out Widmore’s shooters with his usual precision.

Sawyer goes back up for Claire, but he gets spooked when he sees Widmore’s shooters and Smokey Locke. So he leaves without her.

Claire is upset, but Smokey Locke holds her close and says, “Trust me, you don’t want to be on that sub.” Then he makes a crazy-ass face.

On the sub, Jack tries to help Kate. It looks like the bullet went straight through. But when he goes into his backpack, he finds not medical supplies, but! Instead! It’s! The! C4 jumpoff!

“We did exactly what he wanted,” says Jack.

Super dramatic commercial break!


They radio Lapidus and tell him to get back to the surface. Everyone is confused about why Smokey Locke put the C4 in Jack’s pack, except for Jack. Sayid looks at the bomb and makes an educated guess about how to disable the bomb. Sawyer rushes to do what Sayid said and pull out the wires, but Jack stops him.

“Nothing’s gonna happen,” says Jack.

Sawyer’s confused. “What?”

“Don’t pull those wires out, we’re okay. Nothing’s gonna happen.”

“If I don’t pull these wires, Locke’s gonna blow us to kingdom come–”

“No, he’s not! Locke can’t kill us.”

“Uh, what?” says Hurley.

“This is what he wanted,” says Jack. “This is what he’s been waiting for. Everything that he has done has been to get us here. He wanted to get us all in the same place at the same time, a nice enclosed space where we had no hopes of getting out of.”

“I don’t understand,” says Jin.

“Locke said that he can’t leave the island without us. I think that he can’t leave the island unless we’re all dead. He told me that he could kill any one of us whenever he wanted. So what if he hasn’t because he’s not allowed to? What if he’s trying to get us to kill each other?”

Sawyer is none too pleased. “Stay out of my way, Doc.”

“No, if he wanted that thing to blow up, why would he put a timer in it? Why not just throw it inside?”

“I don’t care,” says Sawyer.

“Nothing is going to happen,” says Jack.

“It’s not your decision to make.”

“He can’t kill us!”

“I’m not going to stand here and do nothing!”

“James,” says Jack. “We are going to be okay. You just have to trust me.”

“Sorry, Doc. I don’t.”

Sawyer pulls out the wires. Everyone gasps. The bomb stops. Great! Oh, then it starts counting down super fast.

That’s not so great. And Sawyer remembers that he’s a jackass.

Sayid speaks to Jack with hushed purpose. “Listen carefully. There’s a well on the main island, half a mile south from the camp we just left. Desmond’s inside it. Locke wants him dead, which means you’re going to need him, do you understand me?”

“Why are you telling me this?”

“Because it’s going to be you, Jack.”

Sayid grabs the bomb and busts a move to the other side of the sub. and KABOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM!

NOOOOOOO! Sayid! Damn.

The sub is in bad shape. Water is leaking all over the place. Jack helps Kate. Hurley calls out for Sayid. Sun is trapped by a mass of twisted metal. Things are bad.

Jack yells to Hurley to get Kate out of here and gives him an oxygen tank. Hurley says he has to go after Sayid. “There is no Sayid!” yells Jack. Damn, things are getting really real, really.

Jin tries to pull the metal off of Sun, but it’s not moving. Jack and Sawyer jump in to help, but even after they get the huge file cabinet thing off of her, she’s still pinned by more twisted metal. No! Sawyer gets knocked out. Jack grabs him. Jin tells Jack to leave, save Sawyer. Jack tries to give the oxygen tank to Jin, but he refuses and says Jack needs it to get to safety. “Just go, Jack.” Jack takes Sawyer and the oxygen tank and goes.

Jin stays to free Sun. Sun begs him to go. “I won’t leave you,” says Jin. He keeps trying to pry away the metal, even though it’s a lost cause. Please go, says Sun. “I won’t leave you,” Jin says in Korean. “I will never leave you again.” Then, in English, “I love you, Sun.”

“I love you.”

We watch the exterior of the sub as it descends deeper into the sea.

Back inside the sub, Sun and Jin’s hands, fully submerged, are still clenched together.

Wow. They’re dead. Well, for now, anyway.

Flash sideways to the hospital, where an orderly wheels Locke out. They walk by Jin, who Locke sees and possibly recognizes. Jack runs into him on the way out and makes another attempt to persuade him to have the surgery. He tells him that he went to see Locke’s father. Locke cuts him off: “I was in a plane crash. I had had my private pilot’s license for a week and I begged my father to be my first official passenger. He was terrified of flying. But I looked him right in the eye and I told him that he could trust me. And we barely got off the ground. I still don’t remember what I did wrong. But it was my fault, it was my fault. This man who I loved more than anything will never walk, or talk, or….”

“You know, the first time you and I met, back at the airport, you told me that my father was gone. And it hurt to hear that, but I knew you were right. Your father’s gone, too, Mr. Locke.”

“No, no he’s not–”

“Yes, he is. And you can punish yourself as much as you want, and that’s never going to bring him back. What happened, happened. And you can let it go.”

“What makes you think letting go is so easy?”

“It’s not. In fact, I don’t really know how to do it myself. And that’s why I was hoping that maybe you could go first.”

Locke considers it, laughs and gives him a “nice try” wave. “Goodbye, Dr. Shephard.”

“I can help you, John. I wish you believed me.” Locke pauses to consider this. A white light casts across his face.

He wheels away.

On the island, Jack and Sawyer reunite with Hurley and Kate. Jack says that Sawyer is stil breathing. Kate asks about Jin and Sun. Jack falls silent. Kate cries, then Hurley begins to sob. Jack walks to the water, then he, too, begins to cry. Yo! You need to man up, people. This is Lost. This is not a game. Get focused.

We join Smokey Locke on the pier.

“It sunk.”

“What, the submarine?” asks Claire. “But they were all on it, everyone. What, they’re all dead?”

“Not all of them,” says Smokey Locke. Then he grabs his gun and backpack.

“Wait, where are you going?”

“To finish what I started.”


Next week: Two sides! One light, one dark! It’s going down. Watch the trailer for Episode 15: Across the Sea and gear up for the final few episodes.


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