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Season 6, Episode 15: Across the Sea recap (? Edition)


I’m so upset about Lost going off the air that it took a full week to post a recap that I finished last Tuesday!

Get ready for a very special ? Edition of Lost Recaps!

Let’s go!

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Season 6, Episode 15: Across the Sea trailer

Two players, two sides.

One is light, one is dark.

And the rest of us crap our pants with anticipation.

In the meantime, read The Candidate recap!

Season 6, Episode 9: Ab Aeterno recap

PREVIOUSLY ON LOST: Richard. Richard. Richard, Richard, Richard.

Who is Richard, anyway? Let’s find out this week on Lost!

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Season 6, Episode 5: Lighthouse recap

PREVIOUSLY ON LOST: A bunch of clips from previous episodes of Lost are shown.

Then the episode begins!

Recap time.

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Season 6, Episode 1 – 2: LA X recap

And we’re back! Let’s get right to the recap.

Season 6 begins with a fade from last season’s white flash to fluffy clouds rolling by. We’re looking out an airplane window. We’re looking at Jack, who appears to be on Oceanic Airlines Flight 815.

Jack interacts with the stewardess. Jack reacts to a little turbulence. Jack and Rose make small talk. Jack and Rose react to a lot of turbulence. Looks like 815 is going down, folks. But then it doesn’t go down! It doesn’t. Everything returns to normal.

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Promo trailers for Season 4, Episode 11: Cabin Fever

The brisk post-strike pace is doing wonders for the culmination of Season 4, isn’t it? Next week looks like another doozy.

The CTV version is significantly different than the ABC version this week, so I posted both for your enjoyment. Go Canada!

ABC version

Recognize that guy who’s been dead for 12 years? (Thanks Michele!)

CTV version

Someone needs to whup Keamy’s ass already.

P.S. The Episode 10: Something Nice Back Home recap is live.