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Season 6, Episode 14: The Candidate recap

“Mr. Locke. Mr. Locke. Mr. Locke. Mr. Locke, can you hear me?”

“Welcome back.”

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Season 6, Episode 9: Ab Aeterno recap

PREVIOUSLY ON LOST: Richard. Richard. Richard, Richard, Richard.

Who is Richard, anyway? Let’s find out this week on Lost!

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Season 6, Episode 10: The Package trailer

Only 7 episodes left until the series finale! Sweet corn!

Watch the trailer and read the Episode 9: Ab Aeterno recap.

Season 6, Episode 4: The Substitute sneak peeks

I forgot to put these up last week. Enjoy! And stay tuned for the recap later tonight.

Season 6, Episode 4: The Substitute trailer

Here’s next week’s trailer! And check out the Episode 3 recap.

Season 6, Episode 1 – 2: LA X recap

And we’re back! Let’s get right to the recap.

Season 6 begins with a fade from last season’s white flash to fluffy clouds rolling by. We’re looking out an airplane window. We’re looking at Jack, who appears to be on Oceanic Airlines Flight 815.

Jack interacts with the stewardess. Jack reacts to a little turbulence. Jack and Rose make small talk. Jack and Rose react to a lot of turbulence. Looks like 815 is going down, folks. But then it doesn’t go down! It doesn’t. Everything returns to normal.

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Season 5, Episode 8: LaFleur recap

Click on Hurley (or any of these links) to check out this week’s Dharma-packed recap!

And watch the Episode 9 trailer.

click for La Fleur recap!

Thanks to my friend DarkUFO for linking here every week! If you watch Lost and haven’t seen his site, it will blow your mind.

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